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This links page is now closed to new additions as we have launched our new music community at SeniorSounds

The new site has a links directory that you can add your own links to for free, although you will be required to register with the site before you are able to post your links. If you are able to put a reciprocal link back to us on your own site, it will be much appreciated.

We are particularly interested in links to new original artists and songwriters. We hope that the directory will be used in future by the industry to find new artists to perform or record.

We apologise if any of the links below are broken as they are no longer being updated.

Favourite Artists ...

Karigan - Is a band based in Ontario, Canada, but with roots as far afield as the UK and Poland. Fronted by award-winning songwriter, Eddie Carrigan, their music encompasses the sound of some of the best pop/rock bands from the early 80's. They are currently planning a major tour, so look out for them in a town near you!

John Hawksley - Light Classical and orchestral. Easy Listening. Free high quality downloads of his own arrangements of popular classics, plus plenty of his own compositions. Want to spend an amusing couple of hours whilst listening to John's music? Then, the blog on his site is recommended reading!

Mitchell Jessie - If you like Bruce Springsteen, you'll find a certain similarity to that sound in Mitchell's music. His band play with a distinctive feel and energy that can only be found in some of the best rock music ever made. This is live music at its best.

Tie Die Keith - Presents his debut album "Welcome Home", comprising a music co-operative/collaboration of many excellent musicians. This music is reminiscent of the best late 60's and 70's jazz/rock/funk. To aid your listening pleasure, compulsory acoutrements should include embroidered flares and a liquid wheel projector!

Ken Pruitt - An artist who has had the good fortune to work with several of the stars responsible for popular music innovation. There are just a couple of songs on his Soundclick site, but I particularly love the reggae one. I've always had a soft spot for a good reggae number!

Delaware - I came across this site a few weeks ago, and the music they have produced so far sounds superb. A great singer, with a sound that is reminiscent of good 70's & 80's pop, but also encompassing many other styles and genres. Well worth a listen.

El-CID - Is an aspiring multi-talented artist whose music is essentially Urban/Instrumental/Ambient in style, but he has a knack of weaving an atmosphere into the sound that evokes the emotions of the listener. This has already gained him a foothold in the TV/Film side of the industry. Visit his site for more details, and to hear some of his music.

Bryan Anthony's views on the music industry are so similar to mine, I almost thought I was reading my own thoughts! Since it is the aim of this page to introduce my visitors to good independent musicians and music makers, I am pleased to include a link to Bryan's new site, Wickman Music. From there, you can listen to the array of good indie artists and services that Bryan is collecting. Many of which will strike a chord with our mature listeners who are looking for good non-mainstream music to add to their personal collections.

Curse Buster Sound
Curse Buster Sound, Home of saxophonist: Kevin Brown.

Jason Aldean
Check out pictures and bio information for country superstar Jason Aldean

What The...? - A 3-piece band from Atlanta, USA, playing original raucous rock & roll with a few great covers thrown in for good measure. A sound reminiscent of the best 60's melodic rock bands; such as the Who, Beatles, Hollies or the Yardbirds; but with an early 80's post-punk edge similar to the likes of the Pretenders, or the Cars.

Tanta Music - Run by Vocalist/Producer John Walton, is, like us, producing music specifically for the mature audience. Specialising in sounds similar to those found throughout the early part of the last century, right up to modern smooth jazz and big band styles, John is putting his versatile vocal abilities to good use. As a welcome addition to our collaboration database, you may also be hearing John's voice on some of our future releases.

Saville - A great new band from the "Funky-Business" label, home of Lincolnshire-based member John Clarke. This band plays an innovative new blend of jazz/pop/funk/chillout music. Just the thing for relaxing to in dimmed light after dinner with the kind of cocktail that has one of those stuffed olives on a stick!

Challis - Have their debut album, "But the Good News Is...", now released on their own label, Elysian Music Int. Ltd. Challis are a husband & wife team, Len and Liz Challis, who we have been in contact with for the past couple of years. Its great to see them finally with a release to show for all their hard work. They can be found performing the tracks live around the churches and community centres of their home county of Lincolnshire, UK. This debut album is a 'must buy' for people of all denominations who want to be uplifted by the spiritual aspects of music.

XUK - Release a double album worthy of the awards bestowed upon it. From the pen of Simon Holden, this band features a viola that is pleasantly blended with their own brand of rock music. An album full of heartfelt melodic songs reminiscent of the early 70's turned into a new sound for this decade via the talented production of son Robin Holden. Excellent value at only $15 from CDbaby.

New Age Jazz Music Bruce BecVar and Lani Starís gorgeous music represents today's emerging trend in sophisticated Smooth Jazz, Healing, and New Age music.

Jewish Music Band - Nefesh Music provides professional Jewish Orchestra and Jewish wedding band music for any special event.

Derek Hartopp - Has written numerous songs and melodies since the 70's encompassing a predominently easy listening style suitable for relaxation, or as background music for dinner parties, cocktail bars, etc. I'm sure Derek would love to hear from anyone who would like to license, cover, or produce some of these songs. They would suit any mature artist with a laid back kind of performance style.