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Copyright-free background music

Sometimes projects don't require music in "Song format", but need music composed to a specific length or looped into a long track. Copyright-free music is intended for people who want no limitations to the number of times they wish to use, perform, broadcast, or copy the music either for free; as in media presentations or education; or for reward, such as in advertising or video.

Copyright-free music is written to a specific length rather than as a song and is charged per second. It is generally supplied as an audio file on CD.

As explained on the previous page, depending on your budget, we can either write a varying piece of music to the length you require, or write a few short passages and loop them to your required length. Only the lengths of each unique section of music are taken into consideration for pricing. Copied & looped sections are not charged for.

Applications for this kind of project are usually video soundtracks, but perhaps you haven't considered one of these...

  • Perhaps you run a dance or aerobics class or dance studio. Isn't it a pain when you have to keep stopping to select a track for a specific tempo, and then have to keep restarting the song every 3 or 4 minutes? We can compose a piece of music with a strong beat to the precise tempo you require and loop it to fill a whole CD. You can run an hour-long class without having to stop and re-start the music. We can even incorporate specific "timing cues" to help you plan the length of your choreographed pieces. Ideal for learning or practising long, complicated dance steps. You'll never have to stop mid-flow to re-start the song! Once you have all the steps learnt, you can then replace it with your selected song.

  • Most telephone switchboards are supplied with only one licenced piece of music. We can supply you with specially composed pieces of music that will give your customers a variety of sounds to listen to whilst they are waiting to speak to you. We can also incorporate voice-overs to tell your customers of your latest products whilst they are waiting!

  • Ringtones - Anyone can download the latest Britney song or use a melody that came supplied with the phone, but you want to be REALLY different! We can compose short melodies and convert them to ringtones that will be truly unique to you. For the ultimate in "poser" value, why not have us make ringtones out of melodies YOU composed yourself!