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Band Demos & Song Demos

If you are based near our studio in Accrington you can come and record your demo here. We have an 8-track digital facility for tracking live drums together with Bass, Rhythm Guitar and guide vocal. Overdubs can extend to as many individual tracks as required. An almost unlimited number of tracks can be used in total on each project. Professional sample rates of up to 24bit/96Khz can be used. Our studio rate is £15 per hour, but we prefer to quote on the project as a whole or work within your budget. Each project comes with a free 2-hour "pre-production" rehearsal at the studio in order that you can learn to make the most of your studio time, and our producer can get a feel for your music and perhaps suggest ways in which you can adjust it to be more suitable for your target market.

Solo artists, Duo's, or Singer/Songwriters can use our studio and the talents of our producer to produce anything from a basic Guitar/Vocal demo, up to a full arrangement suitable for independent release.

But I live nowhere near Accrington! - I don't even live near the UK!

If you have your own means of recording digitally at home, you don't even have to travel to our studio! You can send us your individual tracks by uploading them to our server. We can then record additional tracks as required, and arrange, mix, and master your songs to completion.

But I just dream up songs. I can't play any instruments, and my voice sucks!

Songwriters ... It doesn't matter if you are not a musician or performer. That doesn't make you any less a songwriter! You can sing or play the basic melody and send a rough "demo" of your song to us as an MP3 by uploading it to our server. Please also upload a text file with the lyrics, chords, or any other ideas you may have for the arrangement such as genre or instrumentation, and we will do the rest! Whilst we like to put our own artistic interpretation to your songs, we understand that you may already have fixed ideas for the end result and would rather we didn't change anything. If that is the case, just make the point clear to us and enclose as much detailed instruction as you can about your intended arrangement. If necessary, sing every part of your intended arrangement and we will translate that to real instruments for you.

I can't afford to pay full studio rates! :o(

If you don't have the kind of budget that you feel would be sufficient to get the end result your music deserves, please enquire about our Record Deals. There are options available that can ensure your music gets the full treatment for little or no money up front. The "free", "joint risk", or "partnership" options, effectively sign you to our record label. We will then release the recordings and help you to market and sell your music on the Internet.

Do you do a song critique service? ... How much is it?

New bands, Artists and Songwriters can benefit from our music biz advice that is offered for free with each project. Please note that our advice is merely an opinion based on our experience in the music industry, and not a rule. You can consider our advice and take it or leave it as you wish. We will not be offended!

If you don't want to sign one of our contracts yet, but just want some advice, you can get free advice as a subscriber, or you can hire me as a consultant through "Kasamba".

If you don't want to subscribe to our mailing list, but still want me to critique your songs, I can do a full critique as to the commercial potential of your song for a fee of $14.97 per song. Email me for a Paypal invoice and the upload link.