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There are many resources on the internet for musicians, songwriters and music lovers. There are even others who, like ourselves, feel the need to make an impact on the current music business in their own way. Whether they are hoping to start their own small revolution by opposing or approving of free music downloads, opposing or re-defining copyright laws, opposing bands in favour of solo guitar/vocal arrangements, or merely hope that their own style of music will be noticed by more than just a few friends and relations; there are hundreds of thousands of sites to browse through.

With your help, we would like to help people find a few of the more notable ones more easily. We invite anyone to send links of their favourite music-related, and music information sites. If we feel that the site offers something of interest to music lovers or musicians, we will feature it here. Please leave your recommendations in our Guest Book or send us an email.

We are looking to place links in two broad categories. One will be for the benefit of music lovers, with links to the best new artists and the most exciting new music. The other will be for the benefit of the artists themselves, leading to sites that offer music services, information, tuition, business directories, etc.