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May 2006

New features have been added to the site to benefit our artists and their audience. Among them, a new fileserver, a customer referral scheem and our new temporary record store.

We now have a web designer who is eager to help with future web developments.

October 2005

Following Wobbly Music's new "Record Company" status, we have appointed George Bolam as our new Marketing Director. With many years experience in marketing, we feel he will bring a fresh approach to the marketing of our signed artists, thus enabling them to reach a larger audience and gain a firmer foothold on their path towards earning a living from their art.

George is the first appointment in our policy of an "Artist-led" record company. MD, Lynn Monk, is now seeking other Artists and musicians who have secondary skills in other areas of business; such as, Website design, graphics and artwork; Software development and programming; or law and finance.

June 2005

Wobbly Music is no longer just a music production company. We have a vision! We feel that it is about time that ALL sections of society were catered for in mainstream music. We want to hear a variety of music on the radio. Not just manufactured cheesy pop, hiphop, and techno, but NEW artists that are similar to those we love from past eras. We don't just want to hear the same 30-40 year old songs that have been fed to us time & time again. We want to hear a similar sound, but NEW songs from NEW artists! Artists who have something to communicate in their music. Artists with skill, talent and maturity. Artists who may not be so pretty to look at, but whose music can touch you on an emotional level. Please help us to find the cream of these new artists, and help us to launch a new musical revolution



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