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Latest News! (October 2006)

Wobbly Music is moving to new offices!

Yes, we're building some plush new offices, a shop in a new Mall that's just opened in the centre of town, and eventually a new recording studio and theatre! ...And we haven't even had to take out a bank loan to do it!

All this is going to be in a VIRTUAL REALITY. Very soon you'll be able to meet me personally inside your computer screen to discuss your latest record or perform to a real audience around the World. All this is now possible thanks to a company based in Texas called "ItsYourNet" Click this banner to find out more...


It wont cost you a penny if you decide to pop in as a "Tourist". I plan to be there most evenings now building my new music empire, so you may bump into me on your travels.


Still in progress...(Yawn!)

The time has finally arrived for the builders to commence work on our new studio. Our regular visitors will know that this has been on the cards for over a year. As from Friday 1st September, all our equipment, including this office PC will be going into storage until the new studio is ready for the equipment to be re-installed. We ask that all our clients and collaborators refrain from sending any enquiries or projects by email until our official re-opening announcement is made. This may not be for several weeks, but I will try to get back online as soon as I possibly can. Delivery of our music from sales through our record store will also be affected as the tracks are sent manually. If you have been thinking of making a purchase, please do so before Thursday 31st August in order to ensure delivery before our temporary closure. Otherwise, please await the announcement of our grand re-opening, where for the first time, we will have the facilities to enable us to record whole bands in addition to the solo artists that we currently provide services for.

Some of you will already be aware that our new server has already been offline for a few weeks. This appeared to be due to some repairs that BT did at our local telephone exchange. So far BT have not been very helpful in tracing the reasons for the service to our server being disrupted. It may be due to a coincidental but unrelated problem. I will be making further investigations once we are back online, to ensure that our server is restored. Meanwhile, if you'd like to send us any projects to work on once we are back, please upload them to our remote server. Text me for upload details.

If you have any urgent business enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

NEW RECORD RELEASE!! - As of 6th July, you can now hear for the first time, and buy, Jacqueline Yohe's first Wobbly Music release, "The Valleys of my Mother's Mind"

If you are one of those people who think that today's new music lacks soul, emotion, and dynamics, then this is a "must have" purchase for you! A serious subject with all the drama of a good film, is packed into this song. Click on the link to our record store NOW!! You will find this record at the bottom of the page.


Tony Dominguez, our songwriting artist from Texas, has just received great news that all 3 of the songs we produced for him have been acquired by a publisher specialising in supplying music to the TV, Advertising, & Film industries.

So you may hear snippets from his songs on TV one day!

Hurry along to our record store to purchase his songs before an advertiser demands exclusive use of them!


We have all been aware for some time that the music industry is on the verge of some major changes. The major record companies, and the vast majority of the Indie labels, together with all the established rights associations and music unions, have been trying to fight off the inevitable by filing lawsuits and closing down as many businesses as possible who appear to be assisting in the "breaking of their rules."

If you have read my article on Copyright, you will already be aware that these issues have been in my mind for quite some time. My plans to combat these issues are quite radical. Although I have pointed out the changes necessary to resolve a multitude of problems, the lack of response to my campaign only goes to prove that such radical changes (although ideal) are not very practical. One day, my scenario may be realised. But its unlikely to happen in my lifetime, or yours.

The good news is that a couple of weeks ago, I came across a White Paper written in 2003 that addresses some of these issues in a much more practical way. The options suggested by the writer/researcher, Mr Scott Jensen, will not solve the problems of plagiarism that my campaign adresses, but will go some way to alleviating the problems of piracy, whilst retaining a good alternative form of income for recording artists.

Suddenly, my vision made sense! I am so confident that this distribution method is the way forward, that I am working to introduce it alongside the currently established sales method. I am looking at a long-term future for this company and this marketing plan is the way to secure that future. Selling records is a thing of the past. The time has come to phase out that method, and set in place the means to secure a new income stream for my artists.

In order to begin this new system, I will need a list of possible future song projects from my artists to put forward as "Carriers". I will need the songs, in "demo" format of just melody and basic guitar or piano accompaniment as an example to sell to advertisers. You could also supply just lyrics that could be put to music. The easier it is to subtly change certain lyrics to "brand" or "product" names, the better!

These new songs, once produced, will be made freely available for copying & sharing by any and all means, for perpetuity. They can never be sold. They will be avaialble as free MP3 downloads. The copyright will still belong to you, but it will be a version of the "Creative Commons License" with certain restrictions.

"How is this going to earn me a living?" I hear you ask.
Answer - Product Placement.

The songs will be offered as "Carriers" for adverts and product placement, from all kinds of companies wishing to preserve and perpetuate their brand names and long-term products. The fees collected from the companies for their ads will be used to "sponsor" the artists and pay for the production of the songs. Although the songs won't actually be sold, your will still get performance royalties if you are a member of a performing rights organisation, and could still earn License fees from other commercial uses of the song or recording.

My web designer, Paul Britton, will shortly be making a sample file to show to advertisers. Once I have that, and some new song ideas to offer to advertisers, I will begin work on the new sales site.


Our temporary store is now online. Just click the link on the left. The store has now been improved following a few reports of difficulty with our eCommerce choice of MoneyBookers. Some people (particularly those in the USA), may find it easier to use the New PayPal shopping cart version of the store. Just click the link above the table containing the recordings. The PayPal site will also be more convenient for people wishing to purchase multiple items. What's more, you don't even have to sign up for a PayPal account! Simply pay using your credit card.


For the next few months we will be running trials of our new customer referral and affiliate scheme. The credit system mentioned in the May issue of our newsletter will only apply to Wobbly Music signed artists, promoting their OWN releases. We now welcome any musicians, fans, and other visitors to our site to sign up as a "Record Promoter" upon which you can earn cash commissions on referring new customers to our store. At the moment this trial is administered manually. If you are interested in taking part, please send an email with the subject header "Sign me as a Record Promoter" - Upon doing so, you will be issued with an email template featuring one of our singles, that will link directly to our store with an ID code exclusive to you. If a purchase is made, we can see instantly who the referrer is. You will receive 20% of the net income from the sale. The balance will be split between the artist, the session musicians, and Wobbly Music in relation to the percentages stipulated in their contracts. These email templates can be forwarded to your immediate friends, contacts, and anyone who has expressed a genuine interest in receiving them. Please DO NOT SPAM strangers with these emails. If we discover that you are doing so, your account will be terminated and any revenue you have received will be put towards the costs sustained in re-establishing our good name. You will be paid via Moneybookers or PayPal as soon as your account reaches £25 or more. You can request a statement of your account at any time by sending us an email. If the trials prove successful, a fully automated multi-level system will be built into our new store.


In our last newsletter we introduced our new fileserver The fileserver is easily accessed via your browser (although some difficulties have been reported from people using Firefox). If you use Firefox, or have difficulties accessing the fileserver via your particular browser, you will need to install a dedicated FTP client such as CuteFTP, or PureFTP. The login details for the public account are:-
Account Name: collaborator
Password: guest

The login details are case sensitive.

If your browser is Internet Explorer, or another with built-in FTP capabilities, all you need to do is click on the links from the home page in order to be taken directly to the "guest" or "Anonymous" accounts. In the public folder on the guest account you will also find a few free goodies that you can download.


I have amended my contracts for session work. "Free projects" that have no session fees paid up front will now have the following percentages assigned to you from net sales of the record.
Songwriting = 8% (or fractions thereof, if you are a co-writer)*
Session Tracks = 2% per Song.
Production/Arranging/Mixing = 4% per Song.

*As a signed artist, your songwriting royalty (mechanicals) are included in your contracted percentage. It is your responsibility to pay any co-writers you employed, prior to our production, from this income. The above percentage only applies to writers that we employ from our session database to assist you in the final production of your song.

Paid projects, where you receive £25 per session (song) will not carry any further royalties from our sales. However, if you are a performer member of PPL, you will receive performance royalties from radio airplay and other performances of the record. Please make sure we have your PPL ID number so that your performances can be traced. You may opt to decline the session fee in favour of the above royalty on paid or deferred projects if you prefer.

You can also join the above affiliate scheme where you can help to promote the records you performed on as a session collaborator, and earn 20% commission on sales resulting from your referrals. However, you do not earn commission on your own releases as a signed artist, instead you earn credits that can be cashed in towards further music services, such as your next release, or a jingle for your website.


What do you think is currently missing from the music industry? What are your desires as a mature artist or songwriter? Which of your needs are not currently being met by the Music Industry's presence on the Internet?

Every week I answer many emails from aspiring artists asking for advice on how to further their careers, or simply for some basic step by step instructions on how to get a certain piece of music software to work. Often, these questions are very similar to others I've received in the past. The most common ones relating to our services can be found on our FAQ page Others are less common, and may not be related to the services we provide, but are still relevant to many people. Rather than all this good advice being put to the benefit of just a few recipients, I have started turning my replies into articles which are now being published on the net by other websites. Some of these, plus other snippets of advice can be downloaded for free from the public folder on our fileserver (See above).

I love reading your comments and ideas, so I hope that before you leave the site today, you will take a few moments to leave a comment in my guestbook on the Contact page. I am particularly interested in any new ideas or suggestions you may have for this site. I will always try to include any ideas that I think would be useful to my visitors.


New free stuff has been added to the FREE STUFF link on the home page. The FREE STUFF is FREE (of course!) to anyone on our mailing list, or to anyone who is prepared to join our mailing list.


Do you need a way of getting your website seen by more people? Look no further than our Banner Exchange Scheme. This is a completely free service for all mature artists and songwriters, also any music-related businesses that would be of interest to them. Even if you don't have a web site or business to advertise yourself, please tell any friends or colleagues who might have a music-related website that they would like to advertise.

All you need to do is create an Ad that is 165wx400h pixels in size (or smaller), and join the program by going HERE.

If you know any music-related businesses, or other artists who may be interested in joining this exchange program, please refer them to this link ... http://www.wobblymusic.net/bp - Don't forget to tell them that their Ads need to be 165w x 400h or less!


Video producers have just started work on three of our releases. The music videos for...

"Why aren't you Talking to Me?"
"Immortal One"
"I See Stars",

and possibly also "She Looks Lovely" are about to begin production.

It is our aim to eventually offer video versions of all our releases in addition to the music only versions. The videos will be released for sale at £1.99p each. 50% of the net income will be paid to the video production company involved with each release. This is a great opportunity for young film-makers to gain a foothold in the industry. We need more of you to begin work on the visuals for other songs (see vacancies below).

Job Vacancies

We are currently looking for home-based administrators to write articles, sales letters and documents, and send out marketing campaigns to lists of business contacts. This is a "mutually-beneficial" position and the time you spend working for us, will be exchanged for free studio time to be used on your own music projects.

Anyone who is interested in becoming involved in a mutually-beneficial business arrangement, please email us. We are looking for like-minded, progressive, independent people who will help us to achieve the aims of this business and make the World a better place for mature artists and songwriters to work and develop their art.

Our most urgent requirements are for Programmers to write the back-end code for our new record store and other web-based business projects. Our web host is a PHP/SQL/LINUX server. Please contact us for details. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement before full details of the projects are given. There is no up-front funding, but you will instead be given a share in the businesses involved.

Video Crews and Film-producers are required for current music video projects and future web-based business opportunities.

If you are an aspiring film producer, please listen to our releases by clicking on the titles in our record store, and choose one that inspires clear visuals to you. You will not be required to film our artists. You will have full artistic responsibility for the visuals. Anything goes...so long as it reflects the style of the music and the lyrics in some way. There are no up-front fees available, but you will be assigned 50% of all net income from sales of the video releases.

We are putting together a marketing survey, the results of which will be of great benefit to all mature independent artists. Marketing surveys of this size and complexity can cost upwards of £7000 to commission. In order that our members can benefit from the results of this survey for FREE, we are going to create and implement the survey ourselves. In order to do this, we need volunteers! We already have 5 volunteers, but need another 7 in order to obtain sufficient data. We need to hear from mature artists who have released at least one CD independently, The details of your CD, such as cover art and short samples of the tracks, will be used as content for the survey. Please email us for further details, and to submit your content. Not only will you be helping all mature independent artists, but it will also expose your CD to around 1000 new sets of ears!


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Projects in progress @ 27th August 2006

All projects have now been put on hold until the builders have finished work on our studio (See above newsflash). There are already a number of projects queued to commence production as soon as we re-open for business. If you have a project that you'd like us to work on, now would be a good time to contact us.

John McKeon - The commendations for John's work on "The Valleys of my Mother's Mind" have continued to pour in. John remains our most prolific in-house contributor, and has just supplied bass and lead guitar tracks for Paul Brook's debut single which is scheduled to be our first release after we re-open.

John has many new songs already tracked for his follow-up album. I will be starting to put the mixes together when my new studio is up and running. We are going to aim for a release date just prior to Christmas, but it is more likely that the new album will not be ready for release till early 2007.

Viviane. - Is currently performing her debut CD live to passers by in the streets of her home town in Belgium. Her performances have attracted much interest from passers-by who often stop to listen to repeat performances. The performances have helped to accelerate sales of her CD. Her songs are also available from iTunes music store.

Tony Dominguez - As mentioned in the headlines of this page, all 3 of the songs we produced for him have been acquired by a publisher specialising in supplying music to the TV, Advertising, & Film industries.

InZaneCountry - George's debut album "FairyTale" has been released on his own label "InZane Country" in partnership with the "Wobbly Music" label. He now has the CDs pressed and has just launched his new website, where you can find out more about him.

Free introductory project - The backing tracks for Paul Brook's debut single "Place & Time" have been completed. Paul is currently arranging for the vocal tracks to be recorded by a colleague who may be joining forces with him to perform some of Paul's songs in concert. We hope to be in possession of the vocal tracks by the time we re-open, so that we can mix and master the single for a Christmas release

The next project lined up to begin as soon as the new studio is opened, is for a new client called Joe Lefebre, based in the USA. A lyricist, and a friend of Jacqueline's, he is hoping we can do equally good work in turning one of his own poems into a song. Joe's poem is also going to be a challenge as it is about a child's first day at school. For this project, I will need to find a young person between the ages of 4 & 8 with a good sense of rhythm, to perform a "Rap" of the lyrics. I will also be contacting some of the members of our session musician database to help with the music.

We are always on the lookout for new artists to help out, so if you are a new artist or songwriter, looking to make some demos, or make a CD for independent release on the Internet, please join the queue! You can begin by emailing us for further details, or check out our Record Deals

Please note, that although our free projects are completed to the same high standards of all our projects, they do tend to take longer to produce. Our paid projects & current signed artists, of course, always take priority, and the musicians who are kind enough to work for free, also have to fit the sessions in around their other work.


News Archive

May 2006

New features have been added to the site to benefit our artists and their audience. Among them, a new fileserver, a customer referral scheem and our new temporary record store.

We now have a web designer who is eager to help with future web developments.

October 2005

Following Wobbly Music's new "Record Company" status, we have appointed George Bolam as our new Marketing Director. With many years experience in marketing, we feel he will bring a fresh approach to the marketing of our signed artists, thus enabling them to reach a larger audience and gain a firmer foothold on their path towards earning a living from their art.

George is the first appointment in our policy of an "Artist-led" record company. MD, Lynn Monk, is now seeking other Artists and musicians who have secondary skills in other areas of business; such as, Website design, graphics and artwork; Software development and programming; or law and finance.

June 2005

Wobbly Music is no longer just a music production company. We have a vision! We feel that it is about time that ALL sections of society were catered for in mainstream music. We want to hear a variety of music on the radio. Not just manufactured cheesy pop, hiphop, and techno, but NEW artists that are similar to those we love from past eras. We don't just want to hear the same 30-40 year old songs that have been fed to us time & time again. We want to hear a similar sound, but NEW songs from NEW artists! Artists who have something to communicate in their music. Artists with skill, talent and maturity. Artists who may not be so pretty to look at, but whose music can touch you on an emotional level. Please help us to find the cream of these new artists, and help us to launch a new musical revolution