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Personal Projects

Personal projects are generally commissioned as gifts for loved ones, such as for a birthday, anniversary or wedding. They may, or may not include putting your own poems to music, or writing lyrics to your own short melodies.

Anything that is of a non-commercial, or non-profitmaking use, is considered a personal project.

  • You may have a personal website and just want about 30 seconds of royalty-free music for your intro page.
  • You may be a teacher requiring a short piece of music to illustrate a lesson.
  • You may be an amateur writer or home video maker wanting music for personal and family use only.
  • You may be an amateur musician who wants a good recording made as a memento of your life, or to pass down to your grandchildren.

Basically, any music that is not used in any way to promote a product or service, or raise money, either directly or indirectly, is considered a personal project.

For full details of the services that could be put to use on a personal project, please click the links below...

For smaller jobs, please email us and we will provide a quote.

General enquiries and customer services are given freely, but for professional help, advice or tuition on anything musical you can ask up to 3 questions for free by signing up to our mailing list here. For further consultations, please hire me as an advisor through Kasamba