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Have you ever spent time worrying about what kind of gift to buy someone who has everything? Well, how about this?...

  • A gift that only a decade ago was beyond the reach of all but the most affluent members of society.
  • A gift that many people have dreamt of receiving.
  • A gift that even now is so unique that versions of it are only produced by a handful of companies around the World.
  • A gift that can be produced to order and delivered to your recipient on a certain date, with a copy reaching you in advance by Email.

Every order will be created for each individual customer as and when required. Each product is unique in every way. No part of it is mass produced except for the physical medium it rests on ... what could it be? ....


Wobbly Music is the ONLY producer in the World to offer 25% of the copyright of each song produced, to the customer. This means that not only does the customer get something that they can treasure for their whole life, but it also has the potential to earn money for them and their decendants for 50 years or more. Not only that, but we are also the only producer to offer the option of an official record release for the song. From that, the client will receive *15% in royalties from net sales.
*Includes the mechanical royalties.

We have the capacity to produce up to 4 unique productions per week using our own team of local composers and musicians, but should the need arise, we also have a large database of artists based around the World who can be simultaneously producing music for us to order.

Once a customer has filled out an order form, we find composers to write the music and lyrics specifically to the criteria the customer has specified. Our producer will then book the musicians for the session. The average song takes a day or two to record and a further day or two to mix. This will be arranged over a period of 3-4 weeks depending on the availability of the musicians. We generally like to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, but we can often fit in more urgent projects if required. If the customer has an email address, the lyrics can be sent for approval before the session takes place. The lyrics are also printed on the CD insert.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO PAY ELSEWHERE FOR THIS SERVICE? - The retail price of these unique productions vary greatly depending on the quality of the finished product. Our research has found relatively poor quality productions from around $425 to studio quality productions on a par with ours from $975 to $3000!

A personalised song is a product that almost anyone would be thrilled to receive as a gift. It is a product that one may even like to buy for oneself. We have had orders in the past from people who also want to realise their own particular dream. A song called "Captured" was ordered by Gary as a gift for his girlfriend but he had already written some lyrics and asked if we could put them to music in an acoustic style with a male vocal. He was so thrilled with the result that he ordered an extra copy for himself as it was his first attempt at writing lyrics and was so excited to hear them produced as a song. This is what he had to say ...
"What can I say??? The song is brilliant!!! My thanks to everyone for such a great job. I must admit, it's really weird hearing my words! Well......it's really been worth the wait and I am so pleased with the song. Thanks once again for making all this possible, it really is an excellent service that you provide."


We can guarantee that you wont find better quality productions at a lower price. For only $397.00, you get...

  • A unique song written to your specifications
  • Recorded with a full arrangement using real instruments (not just loops or MIDI sounds)
  • Male or female vocalist as required, including backing vocals where necessary.
  • Mixed and mastered to CD audio using digital processors and mixer automation for the best possible mix.
  • 1 Audio CD including jewel case and printed insert with the lyrics and a message of your choice.
  • Delivery to a specified address by a specified date.
  • An MP3 copy of the song and lyrics emailed to the customer in advance.
  • The option to have the record released on our Wobbly Music label for a total of *15% net royalties on each sale.
    *You will be required to sign a recording contract. The 15% is of the NET revenue received from sales and includes the mechanical royalty mentioned above. Wobbly Music owns the copyright in the recording and distributes all other royalties to the artists, musicians and producers involved.

OUR GUARANTEE - Our recordings are digitally recorded using the latest equipment for professional results. Our team of producers, songwriters and musicians have hundreds of years of experience between them. Every song is unique and carries its own copyright, 25% of which is allocated to the customer for extra value. Every CD produced is tested for playability before despatch. If any song reaches you in an unplayable condition or the recording quality isn't as expected, it may be returned for a remix or re-mastering. We take great care to produce a song within the criteria that the customer has specified on their order form. However, with a product of an artistic nature, a song may not always be to the personal liking of the recipient. We are sorry, but we cannot give refunds based on personal preference. Only genuinely faulty or sub-standard goods can be replaced. Your money will be refunded in full if an arbitrator declares that the product we have made for you is below the company's usual standard of audio and performance quality.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! - You don't have to send any payment with your order, and you are under no obligation to complete the transaction. We will contact you by email with further details.

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