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Mature Artists Banner Exchange

The New Music Revolution!

Read the article below to learn how the "Music Industry" currently chooses what they think you should listen to. If you agree that mainstream music is not catering for your personal taste, we would like to hear the kind of music that you DO like. Please join our mailing list and send us any samples or MP3's of artists you have "discovered" for yourself, and feel should be heard by more people. We may be able to help them achieve a wider exposure.

What do the major record companies look for in their new artists?

Did you know that the "music" industry now believes that over 80% of an artist's popularity is due to how they LOOK and less than 20% is due to the MUSIC that they are selling? Do you think this may be why many people think that today's new mainstream music lacks quality and originality?

Here at WOBBLY MUSIC, we aim to reverse this trend. We are staking our money and experience on presenting mature, experienced artists & songwriters with a platform to display their MUSIC. Our only criteria is that the music has certain qualities that are lacking in maistream music today. We don't care what the artist looks like. We don't mind if they don't have a video. We don't even mind if they never perform live!

Do you ever close your eyes when listening to your favourite CDs? What do you think about? Do you picture the artist strutting around a stage, or do you immerse yourself in the feelings and memories that the music brings to you? If it is often the latter, then perhaps you really don't mind what the artist looks like, but would like to hear more music of this calibre. Don't you wish that there was more "new" music like there used to be in past eras? Music with interesting melodies? Music with realfeel and emotion. Music with captivating rhythms. Music with heart and soul. Music you can relax to after a hard day's work. Music you can sing along with. Songs with lyrics you can understand and relate to.

We feel that there is a whole section of the population that is missing out on good new music because the industry is catering primarily for teenagers, and is not taking the MUSIC side of the business seriously. For instance, it is virtually impossible for a new artist to get a deal with one of the major record companies if they are over 25, yet most musicians don't start producing the kind of music that can communicate on an emotional level until well into their 30's. The good news is that there ARE hundreds of good new artists out there. The problem is, that without the backing of a major record company, very few people will ever get to hear them. Their music will usually end up on free MP3 sites with millions of other "unknowns" all looking for a slice of the pie. Their music, no matter how great it is, without extensive marketing will just get lost in the giant proverbial haystack.

On this site, you won't have to trawl through 1000's of MP3's to find a few musical gems. Although we only host a few artists whose music we produce, we also support other mature artists whose music has qualities that we feel are lacking in mainsteam music today. We are not restrictive of musical genres. Anything from Classical to Country or Hiphop to Heavy Metal would be considered, but it must have a certain spark of emotion & originality about it. We provide links to an artist's web site where you can hear and buy their music.

We don't expect to find all these gems ourselves. We also invite YOU, the listener, to recommend any relatively unknown band, artist or songwriter with music that you feel should be heard by more people. If we feel that their music has the qualities we are looking for, we will feature them on our site. Don't worry if you feel that they have the talent, but no good quality recordings. As a production company, we are always prepared to record new talent for little or no initial cost in order to give them a fair chance to be heard, and an outlet for them to make money from their art.

We promote this music primarily to the "over 30" age group who are more discerning about the quality of music and are generally less likely to have musical tastes based on the "visual aspect" of the artist. However, no-one is purposely excluded and therfore we urge you to forward this URL to anyone who you think may be interested in bringing MUSIC back to the music industry.

If the link to this site was forwarded to you by a friend, please sign up to our mailing list by sending an Email with I OPT IN as the subject line. You can also include links to your favourite new artists for us to check out if you wish. Then, please forward our URL on to your other friends and contacts.

Once on our mailing list we won't bother you with a deluge of emails. We will only mail you when we have news of new artists to check out, or news of our own productions and CD releases.

We operate a strict anti-spam policy. If at any time you want to be removed from our mailing list, please send an Email with I OPT OUT as the subject line. Our mailing list is updated on a daily basis.

Hoping for your support...

Kind regards,

"Supporting the mature artist"