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This links page is now closed to new additions as we have launched our new music community at SeniorSounds

The new site has a links directory that you can add your own links to for free, although you will be required to register with the site before you are able to post your links. If you are able to put a reciprocal link back to us on your own site, it will be much appreciated.

We are particularly looking for links to music industry related sites such as record companies, publishing, management, agencies, photography, printing etc, etc.

We apologise if any of the links below are broken as they are no longer being updated.

  Bakehouse Studio

Enjoy your research!

Guitar amps - Your guide for choosing the right amp.

Soundabout.net - Get your old music transferred to CD from cassettes, tapes or vinyl. Restoration of noisy tracks included.

Richhoncho's Songwriter Links - Probably the most comprehensive collection of links and useful advice for aspiring songwriters on the net!

CD Duplication Services (UK) - I recommend this company for a very speedy and extremely good value for money service.

CD Duplication Services 2 (UK) - Disc Wizards are another good UK company for all your mastering, duplicating and packaging requirements.

Web Site design 1 - Designing your own site?? ... I got all my buttons for this site for free from this great graphics resource!

Web Site Design 2 - The easy way to create your own Logo!

Web Site Design 3 - Most people will already know how to stick an email link onto their site, but not so many know that the humble mailto URL can also hold all the details for a custom response. This is great for running polls and responder forms by email. Here is a site that will work out the URL for you.

Web Site Design 4 - If you are new to HTML and want to get a website online without paying hefty site design costs, this is the place for you. You can get an original website design template package completely free. Over one hour of training videos included. Not only that, but you get a new template delivered by email every day. Original Photoshop Files and Hi-Res JPEGs. Any one can be customised to your own requirements.

Submitting your website - I just found this very useful site that will submit your site to around 20 different search engines for free. Saves a lot of time! There are also some useful online tools for improving the metatags of your site.

Music Biz Academy - A useful resource for all independent musicians.

Online Recording & Collaboration 1 - Since the Rocket Network closed its doors to the public in 2003, there has been no real replacement in terms of recording online. The closest service to that role model has now been launched. "Digital Musician.Net" looks to be a very exciting concept that uses a VST 2 plugin that is compatiible with most DAW systems. A great way to continue to expand your own horizons and take part in recording sessions all over the World.

Online Recording & Collaboration 2 - If you prefer the more traditional route of collaborating and exchanging written ideas, then Freddy's site is becoming increasingly popular with songwriters and musicians from all backgrounds.

Gods of Music - This is a music review site, with reviews written by a team of volunteers. Anyone can apply to join the panel, so if you like listening as well as creating music, maybe you'd like to exercise your writing skills as a music critic.

Lyrical Discussions? - If you are into the meaning of song lyrics, this could be the site for you to browse.

Find A Track - If you need music for your production, submit your brief to this site. A bunch of knowledgable people will then find a selection of tracks that fit your brief. Chosen by real people, not computers!

Jobs in the Music Industry - Perhaps you're looking for full-time employment, or employment contracts in the music business? Well this is the employment agency for you!

CatCo - The UK's best solution to avoiding some of the form-filling required when registering and releasing your CDs independently. It is Wobbly Music's mission to encourage legislation that will expand on this system. Please read about the ideas we have for this in our copyright article.

Funky Business Limited / Tracks by Email - Whether you are a producer like myself, looking for tracks for your new project, or a band on a modest budget looking for a great local studio, you can do no better than the services provided by John Clark and his team at this studio in Lincolnshire, UK. Now with their own record label!

Music Podcast.tv
Learn how to use Podcasts, the most powerful new tool on the internet, to find hours of free music online and have it delivered automatically...right to your computer.

Home of Independent Music Authors and Artists
We provide a quality environment for the independent musician to show and offer their music for sale on the web. Through a unique marketing program we develop exposure for our artists by taking their music to the public.

Epson Ink Cartridges
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Cornish Artists
Featuring unique freelance artists for custom work, while also providing resources that art lovers will enjoy.

100 Aussie Gigs
If you've ever considered a tour of Australia, this book is essential. Full of good advice for planning your own independent tour. You can do all the work before leaving and know exactly where you're going and how to get there.

Environmental Conservation
SF Bay Area video production company producing documentary-style short promos for businesses and wildlife organizations.We use our documentary know-how to make businesses look good- honestly! Our WADU division highlights animals worldwide.

American Art Galleries & Artists
USA Art Galleries is an artist and art gallery Search Engine. Featuring American commercial artists and galleries. It was formed to help promote American Art Galleries and Artists across America and the world.

Paid Surveys
Discover the best survey sites to join to earn extra money online.

PDF Software
The PDF Convert Software Forum offers information for people looking to learn more about using PDF.

Music Lyrics
Huge lyrics database with over 300,000 lyrics organized by artists alphabetically. Includes top artists and songs.

Contemporary Art Paintings | Classic Art Paintings | Relief Paintings
Bellapaintings.com offers the wide collection of Paintings. Offering contemporary art paintings, classic art paintings, relief paintings, portrait, photo to paintings, photo to portrait.

Legal Music Downloads
This site is about where you can get free mp3. Download music for no cost from various countries over the world. Find links to millions of legal music downloads here.

Music Contracts 101: The World's #1 Supplier of Fill-In-The Blank Recording Contracts and More!
Music Contracts 101 is the world's largest provider of music contracts, recording contracts and other do it yourself resources for Musicians, Record Labels, Managers, Indie Artists and others in the independent music business.

Learn to Start a Record Label or Turn Your Existing Record Company A Selling Powerhouse
WARNING! Starting a Record Label can be a huge task to take on, DO NOT make the mistake of starting a record label (or even continuing to run your existing record company if you have one already) without first grabbing a copy of Ty Cohenís new course.

Free Emoticons
Winks 1000+, Emoticons (Smileys) 12,000+, Dynamic Backgrounds 50+, Avatars 50+, Muggins 50+, Moods 50+, Meegos 50+, Meewinks 100+ all for Free.

Web Site Templates
A source for ready-made website templates created to use as a basis for fast and high-quality website development.

Car insurance Info
We have all the information needed for getting the best car insurance to suit your car profile.

Funny Quotes
Your source for famous quotes and quotations from thousands of famous people.

Karaoke Me
Free for everyone Karaoke site. Free upload and listing of your Karaoke masterpiece. KaraokeMe for great fun.

Money Maker
Make Money Online
Make Money

Affiliate Program
Internet Advertising
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Add Your Link
Money Maker Boards offer free advertising where you can submit your money making ideas, business opportunities and work at home offers everyday for free. Try advertising your music on there. Offer incentives for other people to make money by selling your music.

Visit our poetry site!... Offers a free poetry newsletter, and stuff for poets.

Dreamweaver tutorial
Dreamweaver Tutorials & Training Videos, Step by Step.

DVD copy
Commercial software to easily make backup copies of your DVDs.

Got Talent? Signup for Free for the Online Talent Show and Audition Today!!
Bornasuperstar.com is an online talent show where performers can audition and get disovered to boost their career. Post jobs, setup your own webpage and sell your own products. With over 4500 views Bornasuperstar is building momentum.

Free Website Counter
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Free Hit Counter
With our free hit counter service for your website, you get an easy to use counter that displays not only hits but unique visitor. Join now for free and have your counter up and running in seconds.

Free Hit Counter
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Free Banner Exchange
Join a growing network of professional websites by exchanging traffic through FREE banner adveritising.

Learn How to Play Guitar
If you want to learn how to play guitar, you need to know the basics. This website provides you with knowledge about strings, strumming, fretting, chords, music, and tabs.

Indian SEO Company
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More Than Sheet Music Digital Download Sheet Music, Sheet Music, Music Books, and Music Teacher Supp
Over 100,000 titles and growing. Sheet music, music books, downloadable sheet music with Scorch, piano, guitar, vocal, orchestra, brass, etc. Full scores, game music, teaching books, self study, instructional materials, videos, MIDI and so much more

Guitar Scales
Complete Full Colour Blueprint Of Guitar Scales, Modes, Arpeggios & Pentatonics Over Chords Using The CAGED System

Tommorows knowledge yesterday - Business and music links

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TheArtDirectory.net - Art Resources

iPod Repair - Find replacement parts and equipment for your iPod

Audio Video Installation
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