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As well as writing songs from scratch and composing music for various projects, we also collaborate with other writers and musicians on a number of projects. We can write lyrics to someone's music, or music to someone's lyrics. We can write whole songs to someone's chord sequence or riffs. We can re-arrange a song into various styles, or re-structure it into a different time signature. We can help new songwriters to develop their art by suggesting lyrical and melodic variations and adjustments to make their songs more commercial.

It is very common for people to be confused over what a song actually is. Most people will think that what they hear on a CD is a "song", but in fact the "song" is only one of the many parts that make up the recording. When a record company appears to have full control over the artist's and songwriter's work, they are in fact, only controlling the part they own, which is the copyright of the Recording.

In the eyes of the law, a "song" copyright only covers the bare melody and lyrics. No other part of an arrangement (unless it is part of the main melody), or fully produced recording of the the song is included in this copyright.

When a song is made into a recording, the authors are entitled to royalties for every record pressed. This is called a "mechanical royalty". The authors are also entitled to a royalty every time the song is "performed". This performance includes not only a live performance by a band or artist, but also every time any recording of the song is played to the general public, via radio airplay or at a public venue, (shop, restaurant, dance hall, etc).

The way a record company gains full control of your art, is not simply through the recording of it, but by insisting you sign to a publisher who is most likely affilliated to the record company in some way. When you sign to a publisher, you are signing over the copyright of your song by assignment. This means that the publishing company can place your song with whoever they like during the contracted period, and only have to pay you a percentage (usually 50%) of the proceeds for the priviledge!

In most cases, though, these agreements can be beneficial to you. The record company and the publisher (hopefully) both have enough contacts and clout in the business to make a lot more money from your art than you can on your own. At least, that is how it used to be...but now, if you have enough business sense and determination, and are willing to put a lot of hours into promoting your art, you can do so via the Internet for very little monetary outlay.

Wobbly Music aims to help you as an independent artist by supplying the materials and advice that you need in order to set yourself up as a professional in the music business. Check out our Record Deals for more details and special offers. If you then think we can help you further, you may want to explore the other services we provide.

If you want us to write any music or lyrics to complete any of your songs, please email us. This isn't a service we charge for, it is a collaboration project. What happens is that we then become co-writers of the song and all royalties that may be realised in the future will be split on a 50/50 basis. If you would like to join our team of collaborators as a songwriter, lyricist or composer. Please fill in the form on the collaboration page.

If you also want us to produce a recording of the song for independent release; or as a demo to shop to publishers, please see our Record Deals Unlike most record companies, who will also take control of your song by assignment as mentioned above, our contracts are non-exclusive. This means that even though we may own our recording, you are still free to take your song elsewhere at any time and get it recorded or published by someone else.

If you want us to provide a platform from which to launch yourself on a new career in the music business there are certain benefits towards signing with us on a "Joint risk" or "Partnership" contract. We like to give as much help to our signed artists as possible in getting them started on the road to self-promotion. This can include the creation of a unique website, and the use of an email address specific to you. We even include your own private FTP site so that you can give only certain people access to your music for free (Such as publishers and record companies). Meanwhile, you can sell your recordings or CDs as downloads from our main record store, and build your fanbase with additions such as a mailing list and guestbook. If you already own your own domain and website, we will help you by linking to it from our main Wobbly Music Site. Your music news will also be mentioned in the newsletter that goes out to our mailing list. If you have the means to design your own site but don't have a domain, we can host your site temporarily on our domain (please email me for details). Alternatively, we can build the whole site to your specifications, ranging from one page (FREE to clients who have commissioned 3 or more songs) to as many as you like. Prices are negotiable. Please email me.

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