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Sound Effects & Foley

Most people don't think of sound effects being used in music tracks, but the are a surprisingly large number of recordings that use a few sound effects to help illustrate the music. Even in our relatively small reportoire, we've used the sound of a train, a slamming door, glass breaking, an old radio, and a scratched vinyl record, to name but a few!

One particular track we recently went to town with in sound effects, was the free demo we made for Viviane. Although she chose the more appropriate "ambient" version for her CD, the "Foley" mix still rates as one of the favourite tracks of our friends and colleagues here at Wobbly Music. Although experimental, I'm sure you are now dying to hear it! The lyrics are in French, and describe the "journey" from sickness to health. The sound effects "illustrate" this journey in a more graphical way. The singer travels from a loud party where they feel sick after eating and drinking too much and need to get away from the noise. The road to "health" is full of obstacles, but she eventually makes it home where her "health" is depicted by being able to sleep comfortably. [Listen Hi-Fi] [Listen Lo-Fi]

We get some of our sound effects from licensed sources and some from copyright-free sources, but mostly in order to get just the right effect for the song, we have a tendency to make them ourselves. We would welcome any Foley artists, or location recordists, to join our collaboration database. You can never have too many sound effects!