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Over the years I've had many comments on my music and services by email and on newsgroups. Some are listed here. They are all genuine comments from genuine people. I haven't had time to get permission to publish from each individual, so if you recognise your comment and wish me to remove it, please contact me and I will do so straight away. (or perhaps you'd like me to link it to your website instead!)

Now read the testimonials we have received...

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...On our Songwriting & Arrangements (Back to Top)

John was just the perfect person for my song and other songs. It has an ethereal feel to it, and the ending is so powerful....gave me goose bumps.
I am so blessed to have met you, and so grateful that John has such a good handle on what my poetry is saying. Bravo!
Makes me want to move to UK, and join the group.

Very cool Lynn..... Great lyrics, nice feel, tight performance what more could you ask for?
60 cycle hum

Hey Lynn this is top notch stuff, very catchy. Only jsut started catching up on people's stuff in here as have been lent some CDs by Colin Vearncombe aka Black and been listening to them nonstop for 2
weeks. Full marks to you for arrangement and for Chas for writing and playing. Very more-ish. What can I say? Nice one. Love the bass, the singing, the drums...Keep em comin. Natty!

I'm listening to "Just down the road from Babylon". Very creative. I like it alot! Thanks!!!!!
Kevin Korol - Singer/songwriter

What can I say??? The song is brilliant!!! My thanks to everyone for such a great job. I must admit, it's really weird hearing my words! You were asking about using the song on the internet.......thats fine by me. Well......it's really been worth the wait and I am so pleased with the song..........as I'm sure Michelle will be also!!!!! Thanks once again for making all this possible, it really is an excellent service that you provide.

You can be proud of that one, song, arrangement and performance.
David F. Cox

I really enjoyed this song, Lynn. I'm putting it on my playlist to enjoy again and again. Good story, fun music.

Lynn - the intro theme --> that's a greatly atmospheric theme, I'm gonna put it in the intro of the game, it's amazing
Lynn - the second song --> It is in the 'zelda' way. I like it, maybe too short, but virtuoso :) I'm going to put it in the quiet levels

Are there any Christmas themed arcade games? I was seriously looking for game controls by midway through the song. Look out Santa, jump over the Grinches! Glo-o-o-o-ria! Good'on'ya
joe w larson

I like your melody better than my initial idea. Shows more imagination! As a matter of fact I like the idea in general. We have some new people loggin in all the time. I'm hoping some of them are singers that might help to interpret this into voice. Nice work! The synth you used is intriguing. Maybe we can leave some of that in there too after we hopefully get a vocalist in the mix. It didn't seem boring in your arrangement. Nice work Lynn! Thank you for working on this!

I still stand by giving you co-writer credit for the 4 note riff you added and just for the excellent arrangement you did !!!
Tony D

Re: Three Time Blueser - Nice job on the lyrics for this one Lynn. I'm hoping to try singing your lyrics myself on this. I think we'd share author credits on these we work together wouldn't we?

just listened to a preview of "I See Stars" on songscribbler. What a ROCKIN fuckin song. You should really do a professional demo of this song it's fuckin great. Tons of potential! Singing sounds like "Macy Gray joins the Beatles" I love it!!...incredible hook, great musical fills, genius sliding bass!! Anyway, I had never heard it before cuz it wasn't on your soundclick page. Great job and keep 'em coming!
Jonny Durango

I love the way the bass and drums work on this. I'm not sure about the melody, but the singing is so unusual it is hard to say if it wouldn't be better if delivered better. Midi strings are a good enough idea. I think this song would be more of a grower than an instant hit, but the vocal sound and unusual harmonies are very interesting. There's an awful lot of inspiring experimental ideas in here and I like that, even if it doesn't quite come together, sometimes I find it more rewarding just to have tried something new and maybe inspired somebody else than to have written a great hook. I figure that might be where you're heading with this and if so, you've done a grand job. Nice one. Yep, my final thought is that it is spinning third time now, and it is seriously growing on me. The "I'm in a technicolor dreamworld" part is
getting *really* catchy. This is top stuff, reminds me of madness. Cracking!
Mike Morgan

You of course don't know me, but I've been reading rec.music.songwriting and came across your post and began listening to your songs. As a keyboardist, producer, occasional songwriter, arranger, vocalist and latin percussionist, let me say that I'm instantaneously your biggest fan! How ever do you come up with such wonderful harmonic chromaticism and ambiguity? I wish, oh how I wish I lived in the UK if only to play these songs with you. If you ever come to the States and to Philadelphia specifically, consider a standing invitation to hang out, play music and perhaps even collaborate on some stuff. Really, you have a keen talent and a breath taking melodic sense.
Regards, Orlando

Erm...I *think* I like it. Can't get a handle on the 3rd verse though, lyrics-wise. But very interesting. The recording has an ethereal quality like some early Genesis stuff which is nice and certainly suits the lyrics.

I downloaded yesterday, have played it a few times since, I could have posted a "well-done" earlier, but I thought I'd better show I had been really listening with further comments. What I have been wrestling with is the percussion (I know, me commenting on percussion to you is a bit like a virgin advising on how
to run a brothel). I really couldn't make my mind up whether the percussion should be more martial, or more arabic, ie more fluid and sensuous. Whatever, I am amused and have a keeper on my HD.

Cool song, Lynn. Nice feel to it. Reminds me of the mood created by some of Traffic's early stuff. Way to go...

Personally, I would classify this song as Brill Building pop rather than jazz fusion, which it was listed under, but I enjoyed it at any rate, especially for its retro chic appeal. In my opinion, if you were to market this song as such, all the baby boomers who listen to AM radio would eat this shit up, but of course I would be the last person qualified to give advice on anyone's career here.

I love the melody line. I will see what I can do with it. You did a great job.

I just had a listen. Pretty interesting. The style of music caught me a bit off-guard, but it quickly grew on me. I like the rhythm. The lyrics are so 60s! Such idealism! hehe. I've listened to a few at your "Lynn" site, too. You certainly have an eclectic style of music.... I mean that in a *good* way! :))
Steve Cowell

Well I alway liked this song ;) And I like the arrangement you did. Those (twelvestring?)-accousticguitars
remind me of the very early "Genesis" (with Anthony Philips and Steve Hackett) somehow so itŽs really great.

A sort of Summertime for the sensitive death metal fan, definitely wins the most creative award for me. As for your vocals, you may not be Karen Carpenter (or even female, a fatal flaw in many male vocalists), but you've got style in spades. Great job.

...On our Music Biz advice (Back to Top)

Yes, yes, yes and yes. I loved every word of what you wrote, it is straight-forward good sense and fun, and you are absolutely right. If ever we run into each other at a crossroads in life I'm sure we would be great friends. Your wonderful answer to my queries has inspired me to stop seeking digital-age perfection and to worry about what is really important. Being human and conveying feelings. So thank you so much again.

I am hoping that Lynn comes back and does her production critique for you - I think we will all learn something from her.

But don't think I don't realize the first advice you gave me, of how crucial a proffessional production is. (THAT"S why it sounds so good !!!) And I'm thrilled I can afford for you to do 3 more !!!
Tony D

...On our Song critique (Back to Top)

Give the lady a bonus! Excellent read - nicely assessed and fairly reviewed.

I also think it was great of Lynn to go to all of that trouble...I know how much time and effort goes into giving a thorough and fair evaluation of a song, let alone an entire CD (and an exceptionally long one at that!).

I can well believe that Lynn spent a good deal of time on the review, and Tom was appreciative of that, too.

Thanks, Lynn. That was really good advice. You catch a lot of the problems that I don’t even think about. You’re good at putting on regular-listener-ears and hearing things that would turn them off.

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to my song and
provide some honest and great feedback.

...On our Record Production services (Back to Top)

I liked the feel of it, very 45rpm single, and not overextended at all. I think it may bear another listen, and that's a very rare thing out there in mp3land. :-)

On our free production of "She Looks Lovely" that can be streamed from
www.tonydominguez.wobblymusic.net ...
I took a listen to this track. The production was excellent.
Seth Jackson

Wow, it’s very impressive. Thank you very much. It’s definitely not what I expected. It’s very pop, which I have to admit is not really my style. But it does sound really good. It has a professional sound. The way you did everything is very pop to me. I think it’s really good in that way.

I'm definitely impressed. :-) I still wouldn't be able to sing this easily to the backing track - I'm very tied to hitting chordal notes and emphasising cadences, boring though that is - but the slight dischords probably lift it (i.e. I'm undecided). The rising and falling dynamics I do like a lot. Hearing my voice lifted right clear of the backing was a big surprise (even more so that you seem to have got away with it LOL.) I think maybe the audio "haunting" suggestion is slightly OTT (?) but equally it could have its own appeal. I'd personally reduce that considerably, but that's about the only niggle I've got. A great pleasure to hear myself "produced" and thanks to you, Chas and anyone else who actually took the time to play instruments for this. Feel free to request my vocal assistance anytime you think my voice will fit the bill (hiss and all, of course...).

I like the production/mix very much. Love that 4 note motif and it's sound that reoccures...

I really like this song, John's voice sits really well in the mix.
Dave Lawrence

I also had a really good time playing all on the wobbly site, there were some I had not heard before that I really loved. The name and credits text displayable by windows media player inserted into the mp3s would help, if you have the tool to do it. You re doing well, Lynn.
David F. Cox

Lynn's soft music is much more powerfull than my original music which I thought was powerfull.

I really like your treatment of this song, Lynn. I suspect that it will struggle in the replays, and need a bit more content or a bit less length, but it well achieves the first objective, to make me want to hear it again. Good work.
David F. Cox

Lynn, I'm listening. Procastinating another dive into the hardware from hell. Like what you did with "cry" after hush "baby don't you.." Nice/weird turn after that. I think the background piano/harp type thing
does good. In sum, interesting, and I liked it, and I will note after so many others you did good to distinguish yourself.

Your stuff is really different, new, cool....I like "just down the road from babylon."

I thought the performance/arrangement/ production were great. I enjoyed the song.

I downloaded the hi-fi version. I liked it. I think you did a good job, I like the base sound.

I like it. It has a nice laid back feel to it. Even so, the drums do seem pushed back a little far for the particular style. That's just what my instincts are saying. But the whole song flows through smoothly.

Love the bass and the distorted guitar. The singer reminds me a bit of a cross between Roy Harper and Bon Scott for some reason. Some great unexpected harmonies. Well-produced. Well done! I like songs that have little bits that you don't notice on the first play but come out the next few. Keeps your interest. Best,

I only have time to write a short e-mail. You and all the musician's involved did a superb job !!!! (Unfortunately the computer's speakers don't give out a lot of bass.....so I was unable to fully appreciate it.)

"Your voice was clear and the recording was noise-free and the music was pleasant to listen to. You're
right, this woman did a good job for you..."

Your arrangement is conquering all hearts and ears here. "Much, much better", "Osé", "beaucoup plus vif", "à la fois gai et triste", and last but not least "totalement nouveau" = "totally new".
These are only some of the first impressions I got. That you did something new was also my first feeling, but as I never really was a music listener like you all seem to be in the rmms group, I didn't dare to say at once. I simply LOVE and ADORE it and they all love it here. Talent and ear is all one needs in this job. You have them both. Plus insight. Plus the ability to enter into others people's world. Money can always be found in life. A producer like you is much more difficult to find. My search for a producer can stop. No one else could do it better than you.

...On our Mastering & Remixing (Back to Top)

Hi Lynn - a very good experiment and well done! To my ear you have not only increased the loudness but also the depth and clarity of the sound has increased substantially as well. Regarding needing expensive equipment - this is old thinking. A modern PC with sophisticated DSP software costing only a few hundred dollars together can accurately achieve most functions needed to master a song well - given a high enough initial sampling resolution. Imho, this is the future of analogue signal processing and the great thing about it from our point of view is that anyone with the time and effort can potentially make a great sounding song - as you have done.

Finally after what seemed a very long wait the CD came today. It was great to hear a different arrangement of something what we had wrote. Thanks for all the time you spent on it, there are some really good bits there. I also checked out the LSO files and boy do you know how to use logic to its full extent there. Do you do any classes in it ;)
Thanks again Lynn. Andy was suitably impressed too.

Overall I didn't hear a significant difference in the two versions, but Lynn should still be congratulated for the sound quality she has achieved in these recordings.
Michael J. Anthony

Yup, very happy. I listened carefully, quite a few times, to the stuff, throughout the day. I could find no problems other than those you pointed out, and none of those surprised me, anyway. Fortunately, I've enough savvy to understand that no amount of hardware or software processing, ('less I sent it NASA, or something), could give material committed to disk my way an edge over music professionally recorded, mixed and mastered in a studio. That said, I think you did a pretty good job with what you had to work with, and, frankly, I was confident you would. I asked you to do the work you did, primarily, in order to judge what I would end up working with for myself, and that was something I really needed to do. As it happens, I'm so very glad I did, because, apart from realising that the material is going to be good enough for my purpose when you've added your magic touch, I actually learned a good deal more than that, in as much as, I discovered a little gem in your good self.

Really listening to it all I think it is not to bad at all and there is not a lot I would change. It interesting I can hear some bongos in there and I was thinking about an almost unplugged sound before you mixed this like just Sean's picking and lead bongo and shakers for percussion sort of a Cat Sevens mix. Something that comes out of this is, I thought the outro was boring and repetitious with just my stuff on it. Now you have some drum fills, shakers and Sean's picking and lead they come in and out of the mix and it sounds just perfect to me. It's the best part of the song.

Heee, yeah it´s really great an dubby! I like it! I didn´t remember exactly what we did 2 years ago but listening to it was somehow like remeeting old friends, rememebering the "good old times" we had in rocket 2 years ago - "when we were young" ;)

...On our Instrumental/Vocal abilities (Back to Top)

I liked that Lynn. Good Job! I like the opening and the way the song keeps the same vibe throughout it's entirety. I think your vocals sound great although they are quite loud in some places. You have a sexy British accent... LOL The beat kind of disappears behind everything else after a while, which maybe it should I don't know. The lyrics are cool - you presented them well.
Toy Stein

He said what I was gonna say. A good read, matching a good groove. I might have added more subtle rhythm guitar throughout (but I'm a guitarist, so..<g> I think the accent and the lyric work well together, no need to add effects to the vox. Gary..nice job on the lyrics.
Craig Ramseur

Once again.....my expectations have been SO far surpassed. Congratulations and THANK YOU ALL !!!.....SUPERB JOB !!! LYNN !!!.......You have a BEAUTIFUL VOICE !!! (And I hope you know I mean this as a compliment when I say you actually SOUND A LITTLE LIKE MADONNA !!!) Also if you see my buddy Dee....tell him I got chills up and down my spine when I heard the solo to "Ultra". He has now replaced Frank Zappa as my FAVORITE GUITARIST !!! Zappa moves to # 2 !!! And Robert Fripp moves to # 3 !!!
In fact a few weeks ago I was going to write him an e-mail about his great guitar work on "Lovely"....but never did. But EVERYBODY....YOU, JOHN, DEE, and ANDY should be proud of these last two songs !!!......... I couldn't be happier Lynn !!!
Tony D

Got it on now, it really grooves and hey i would never say you had a weak voice it is very young sounding and works great. A very catchy piece. I am on 3rd listen. I like the groove and the feel and that is ALL that keeps me into song. Well you should be going up the charts with this one. Am on listen number 4 i think...

Hi, Ive just started on the above site and listened to your music. Its good, and more to the point original. How did you get that sliding bass sound? Heard similar on pieces by Helen Watson and King crimson. Sounds neat. Hope to chat on the site, see you
Dave Cadman

I got that mp3 file with you playing drums and I must say I was quite impressed. That's what I call a dam good drummer! Inspiring enough to create a total new song out of it as well as use it for the original tune.

Truly, you deserve all the massive praise anyone can bestow. Do you play guitar and keyboards? I definitely hear many diverse influences in your music, from jazz and fusion to synth pop and trance.
Everything I heard sounded amazing, honestly.

When you do the drumming are you going to put a tea towel over the toms:-) Sounds like the work tapes for Abby Road, I keep wanting to yell out Come Together in the chorus.

Once again, Lynn.....I couldn't be more pleased ! Thanks for a great job !!!! Please give all involved my thanks....john did great vocals !!!! And the guitar player REALLY put it over the top and energized it !!!!.... (sorry I can't remember his name at this moment.)
Tony D

This actually has a dreamy feel to it. :-) I like the vocal sound on this track. I don't know if its the MIDI or intentional, but the rhythm sounds out of sync or something. Maybe it's just me. I liked the Krieger style guitar solo, very cool. btw I want one of those hats :-)

My psychotherapist gave me a cd copy of "Lovely" and I FINALLY got a "proper listening" of it.(My Panasonic mini stereo isn't "top of the line".....but it puts out a pretty decent sound.)
I can now hear what a terrific job Andy did !!!....I like his style of bass...... aggressive and melodic !!! Also your percussion sounded even MORE impressive !!! I assume you used a machine....but it really sounds like you're playing a real drum kit !!! My favorite part of the song is when it pauses for the lead and the guitar feeds back, right before the drums resume and the lead starts !!!! (Must be your George Martin influence, i.e."I Feel Fine" !!!) ( Or was it "She's A Woman" ?) I could also finally make out the piano and strings !!!
BTW my psychotherapist was playing the song in her car.....and her niece heard it and said "That sounds good....who is that ?"....and then she didn't believe her aunt when she told her one of her clients wrote it.
Tony D

IMHO your biggest asset is the easyness with which you move from style to style. But I consider it one of my merits to have pushed you to a new genre, one you created yourself. Being able to be new is what keeps us young. But what is more important is it gives the best feeling one can have in the world. Mere creation is not enough for me. When I create it must be totally new. What I am doing in my poems has never been done by anyone else before. And what you did in the music noone ever did.

...On our Artists and their music (Back to Top)

Shame, I just had somebody elses site loaded to listen to their music when I saw this. I am afraid I pre-empted theirs, and did a play all on dickos site - I am listening to the first track now, and am in blues heaven. Thanks! Lynn and the band.
David F. Cox

Good luck with John, "Why Aren't You Talking" is superb.

Sounds tight Lynn! Would have liked to have been there. You guys ever think of doing a cover of "Soul Man?" I think your band would pull it off well :) Great job!

Great song, Lynn. You won't get much come back from the Americans who think reggae is an obscure ethnic musical form ;-)

I love the song Peanut Vendor....very louis armstrong...reminds me a lot of skokian....great song and very original to boot...ROCK N ROLL!!
Jonny Durango

I just downloaded & listened to the composition "Peanut Vendor" from your soundclick.com offerings. I love it! In the absence of "other alternative" as an option, I think you could have squeaked by listing it as "Jazz" - a very creative, original Jazz, to be sure. You really captured that circus festival peanut vendor atmosphere, in this piece. Wonderful!

I also listened to Take a Little Time and thought this was a stronger song, better mix too.

Lynn, I am just listening to John's stuff, sounds really good, good material,
and an excellent mix!! what more can I say!! Hats off to you all!!


...On our Collaborations (Back to Top)

I think that new song-Just Down The Road From Babylon is great. Super lyrics too from Gary? Anyway, good stuff.

Wonderful arrangements and one of my favorite songs of all time. Vocals are great...The first line I didn't like but it got better as it went along. Sounds as if the vocal levels were very high in some places...maybe just my speakers made it sound like that. I listened to the hi fi version. GREAT JOB LADIES!!!!!!

For an internet collaberative effort, wow! Well done to all who participated...quite lush sounding production...nice sounds across the board! The vocal harmonies when you sing "You're part of me...etc." are amazing! Kind of like The Travelling Wilburrys (sp?) with a bit of Beatles there....of course just my 2 cents...I found it a bit slow for my tastes, definitely the harmony part I just spoke of was my favourite part...the little bit of tension there is what held my attention through the song..but that just could be my taste in music talking... I'm off to check out more of your stuff...well done!

Frank's songs almost always reflect something real, a distant memory or even one in the making. This one took me back a long time, and every character in the song seemed like an old friend. Nice job, both of you.

I was doing a comment on the Iraqi war and I started thinking about that being the cradle of civilization, having come to this. It was more in sadness than in protest. I was very pleased with what Lynn did with that lyric. I'm not sure if it's slow jazz rap or what it is. But I thought when I heard it, imagine doing this with a full orchestra and real choppers and tanks, and a full choir. Then I thought no it's been done already by that Russian chap with his cannons. Still it would be a blast!