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News - January 2007

I realise its now a little late to wish you all a Happy New Year, but as Frank Spencer used to say.... "I had a little bit of a problem!"

To cut a long story short, I just about had everything ready to update the site and post my New Year greeting, when my master boot drive decided to die. I've just spent the last 10 days installing new hardware & software, and getting my PC back to a somewhat similar state to what it was at before the crash. Not to mention the time it has taken to catch up with the backlog of around 1000 emails I accrued whilst offline!

So I'll get right on with it....

If you got here via the home page you'll have noticed a change ... I know it doesn't happen very often! ... Anyway, I spent several weeks creating and compiling a number of great free gifts for you all. The primary one of these, that I really urge you to download, is the Wobbly Music Toolbar. I'm using it myself as we speak, and even though I know all the content, I've found it a big time-saver in reaching the links I use regularly. The other main advantage is that with the help of its own private member's chat room, we can all meet up and chat to each other any time we have a few minutes to spare online. I am really looking forward to meeting you all in the chat room (I wonder how many of us can fit in there!??).

Also, you'll find buttons that will take you directly to the main pages of this site, such as this page, the record store, and the guestbook.

One of the very exclusive features of the toolbar is a button to our new radio broadcast. This isn't to be found anywhere else! In the coming months I hope to begin a regular show that will include interviews, helpful tips, CD reviews, live concerts, and anything else you would like to hear ... Just let me know and I'll do my best to introduce your ideas into future programmes.

As you are probably aware, making a regular radio show is very time-consuming. As I currently do everything myself, it could get a bit difficult to release new content regularly. Therefore, if you know any budding Deejays or presenters who would like the opportunity of making some shows for me, please get them to contact me.

By the way...the toolbar also has two newsfeeds. One is linked to the BBC Entertainment news, and the other is news from me! It will alert you to site updates without having to plough through emails etc. I will be adding useful tips to this newsfeed as well. If you'd like to post some of your own tips and experiences to our members, please email me and I'll include them.

Go to the home page and sign up for your free downloads now!

We Have a Winner!

If you are one of those who explore this site on a fairly regular basis, you may have noticed that each year we give away extra gifts over the Christmas period to those who sign up to our mailing list. Added to this, is the opportunity for new members to enter a prize draw to win a Personalised Song with a current value of $367!

We are pleased to announce that this years winner, chosen at random from all those who signed up to our list over Christmas, is Laila from Denmark!

Our production of her personalised song will begin as soon as we recieve her order form.

Wobbly Music in Virtual Reality!

Our new office is now in full operation, and I've been busy showing people around my dream home in Destiny World.

My House Destiny Castle The Main Office building

It is a truly interractive experience where you can visit a whole host of wonderful and innovative places built by other citizens, and also meet them personally. As a citizen, you'll be able to greet those you see there, including visitors and tourists, and make new friends. You can share interests and form new communities. You can introduce new people to your music, or share knowledge of your favourite artists.

Opening within the next few months there will be a whole new music business and entertainment world. The software that holds it all together is brand new and offers so much more than any other music or community website on the net.

You can now meet me personally inside your computer screen. I'm there most days between 10am and 10pm GMT. It is free to enter and explore the Worlds as a tourist.

Go to this url...
Scroll down to the paragraph headed "Tourists" and click on the link "Tour 3D Free Here"


Click on either banner for more details.


Studio refurbishment still in progress...(Yawn!)

With our studio now "in storage" since last September, we have unpacked a few items into a temporary area so that at least some projects such as post production, mixing, or mastering, can progress. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to lay down tracks in house at the moment, due to the dust and the noise. A lot of the building work has been completed, but we're still awaiting the soundproofing to be installed in our new "Live Room". When that stage begins, we will have to close completely for a number of weeks.

Apologies to all our clients who are awaiting the full production of new projects to commence. I'm afraid that the building contractors are in total control! With builders being such a rare commodity these days we are helpless to get things done any quicker than their availability allows. It seems I have to share them with the whole of Lancashire!

Delivery of our music from sales through our record store are still being sent manually.

Regarding our collaborative server... Following further investigations into our loss of connection, we have traced the problems to a trojan on our Windows server that was allowing hackers to use all our bandwidth. We have resolved this by sacking Windows in favour of a Linux server. However, as I know absolutely nothing about Unix commands I am currently at a loss as to how to configure the system! If you know anyone who would be willing to help me with this, please get in touch. Meanwhile, if you'd like to send us any projects for post-production or mastering, please upload them to our remote server. Text or email me for upload details.

If you have any urgent business enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.


Beginning on 6th February and for the following 2 weeks, we will be officially releasing the 3 Tony Dominguez-penned titles for inclusion in the National download chart. Although they have been available in our record store for some time, they were not officially released, as Tony was awaiting contracts from publishers.

We are now confident that the publishers concerned have no objection to an independent release. The songs will still be available for license through their catalogue in due course.

Releases are as follows:-

6th Feb - She Looks Lovely, sung by John McKeon. Cat No: KSH-TDS1
13th Feb - Ultra-Violet Mystery, sung by John McKeon. Cat No: KSH-TDS2
20th Feb - Immortal One (Special dance release including FREE extra loud "pumpin'" mix). Sung by Lynn. Cat No: KSH-TDS3

Seeking Major Distribution Deal

The Wobbly Music label has recently applied for a deal with major record distribution and promotion company. If we are accepted, this could mean major increases in sales for our artists. Either way, we will continue looking for new ways to get our artists to the ears of more people.


The new marketing plan announced in the previous news update, is still on track for introduction. We now have new contracts drawn up to cover future releases that choose to go this route. It is option number 5 of our "Recording Contract - Options" Letter of Authorisation. If you wish to apply for one of our contracts, please download the Letter of Authorisation from this link. There is no obligation to proceed further with any of the choices as the full contract of your choice will follow for your consideration.

Wobbly Music remains unique in respect of our independent recording contracts that allow artists to remain independent and in charge of their own music career. Even down to the artist being in control of whether or not to sign a deal! You don't have to wait for us to offer you a deal, like record companies of the past...YOU can "order" a deal at any time, and for any number of songs. We will produce, release, and help you to market your releases.


Our temporary store is now online. Just click the link on the left. The store has now been improved following a few reports of difficulty with our eCommerce choice of MoneyBookers. Some people (particularly those in the USA), may find it easier to use the New PayPal shopping cart version of the store. Just click the link above the table containing the recordings. The PayPal site will also be more convenient for people wishing to purchase multiple items. What's more, you don't even have to sign up for a PayPal account! Simply pay using your credit card.

SENIORSOUNDS.COM is the domain for our new record store. A temporary home page is now online. I have devised a brand new kind of viral advertising/media promotion device. I just have to get someone to build it and it can be integrated into this new domain

GIVEMEARECORDDEAL.COM is the domain where we sign up new artists to our joint risk deal. If you want to know more details about this service, please read the sales letter on that page. The investment is the same if you order the deal directly from this site.

We now have several new artists waiting for work to commence on their Debut Singles. Once our studio re-opens, we will begin these projects in the order that they were signed. The debut single deal requires no investment but offers less return. It was previously called our "Free Introductory Project". Unlike the other deals, this deal cannot be fitted to a timescale as it relies on the generous nature of our collaborators to fit the work in between other projects. We also have to consider our joint investors, partners, and paying clients, and give their projects priority over the Debut Single Deals.

As far as the Debut Single projects go, we are now almost fully booked for 2007. If you still want to sign a debut single deal, you can choose to do so in order to reserve your place in the queue. However, do not expect us to begin your project until towards the end of this year.

If you require your project to be completed a lot sooner, please consider one of our other contract options.


We are continuing with our trials of an affiliate scheme. We welcome any musicians, fans, and other visitors to our site to sign up as a "Record Promoter" upon which you can earn cash commissions on referring new customers to our store. At the moment this trial is administered manually. If you are interested in taking part, please send an email with the subject header "Sign me as a Record Promoter" - Upon doing so, you will be issued with a link to a web page featuring one of our singles, that will link directly to our store with an ID code exclusive to you. If a purchase is made, we can see instantly who the referrer is. You will receive 20% of the net income from the sale. The balance will be split between the artist, the session musicians, and Wobbly Music in relation to the percentages stipulated in their contracts. These links can be forwarded to your immediate friends, contacts, and anyone who has expressed a genuine interest in receiving them. Please DO NOT SPAM strangers with these emails. If we discover that you are doing so, your account will be terminated and any revenue you have received will be put towards the costs sustained in re-establishing our good name. You will be paid via Moneybookers or PayPal as soon as your account reaches £25 or more. You can request a statement of your account at any time by sending us an email. If the trials prove successful, a fully automated multi-level system will be built into our new store.


Please email us for details of how you can upload your projects to our remote server.


Please see the previous News page for details. It can be downloaded from the archive links below.


What do you think is currently missing from the music industry? What are your desires as a mature artist or songwriter? Which of your needs are not currently being met by the Music Industry's presence on the Internet?

Every week I answer many emails from aspiring artists asking for advice on how to further their careers, or simply for some basic step by step instructions on how to get a certain piece of music software to work. Often, these questions are very similar to others I've received in the past. The most common ones relating to our services can be found on our FAQ page Others are less common, and may not be related to the services we provide, but are still relevant to many people. Many of these will now be posted on the newsfeed to our new Toolbar starting next month. Other more complex questions will be answered in our forthcoming radio show...again, this service is exclusive to our Toolbar.

I love reading your comments and ideas, so I hope that before you leave the site today, you will take a few moments to leave a comment in my guestbook on the Contact page. I am particularly interested in any new ideas or suggestions you may have for this site. I will always try to include any ideas that I think would be useful to my visitors. Please make the most of this guestbook as it is most often only filled with spam. If this continues I may be forced to withdraw this service later in the year.


Following the launch of our new Toolbar and sign up page, we will soon be phasing out the "Free Stuff" page. So please grab what you can whilst you have the chance!


Do you need a way of getting your website seen by more people? Look no further than our Banner Exchange Scheme. This is a completely free service for all mature artists and songwriters, also any music-related businesses that would be of interest to them. Even if you don't have a web site or business to advertise yourself, please tell any friends or colleagues who might have a music-related website that they would like to advertise.

All you need to do is create an Ad that is 165wx400h pixels in size (or smaller), and join the program by going HERE.

NEW SERVICE - If you have no idea how to create your ad, please email me and include any sales copy and photos that you'd like to include. We can then design and install your ad for you ... Still for FREE.

If you know any music-related businesses, or other artists who may be interested in joining this exchange program, please refer them to this link ... - Don't forget to tell them that their Ads need to be 165w x 400h or less!


We are pleased to announce that the first Video from our clan of video producers has just been delivered to us. It is a video for "I See Stars" by Fishbrick, and it will be available in our record store very soon at a download price of £1.99p

It is our aim to eventually offer video versions of all our releases in addition to the music only versions. The videos will be released for sale at £1.99p each. 50% of the net income will be paid to the video production company involved with each release. This is a great opportunity for young film-makers to gain a foothold in the industry. We need more of you to begin work on the visuals for other songs (see vacancies below).

Job Vacancies

We urgently need Programmers to write the back-end code for our new record store and other web-based business projects. Our web host is a PHP/SQL/LINUX server. We need programmers who are primarily skilled in Java/Flash/SQL.

Anyone who is interested in becoming involved in a mutually-beneficial business arrangement, please email us. We are looking for like-minded, progressive, independent people who will help us to achieve the aims of this business and make the World a better place for mature artists and songwriters to work and develop their art. Please contact us for details. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement before full details of the projects are given. There is no up-front funding, but you will instead be given a share in the businesses involved.

Video Crews and Film-producers are required for current music video projects and future web-based business opportunities.

If you are an aspiring film producer, please listen to our releases by clicking on the titles in our record store, and choose one that inspires clear visuals to you. You will not be required to film our artists. You will have full artistic responsibility for the visuals. Anything long as it reflects the style of the music and the lyrics in some way. There are no up-front fees available, but you will be assigned 50% of all net income from sales of the video releases.

Deejays/Radio presenters are required to record interviews with new independent artists and industry experts. The recorded material can be sent to us via FTP and slotted into our radio programmes. Anyone who is prepared to do this on a regular basis, please email me.