Latest News - January-March 2008

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Now... On with the news!

 Lynn Monk. Proprietor, Wobbly Music I'm a bit late, but here goes... Happy New Year [[firstname]]!
We're well into yet another year already. Last year was very quiet for us. Our studio has now been closed for over a year - Yes, it's amazing how fast time flies! The reason being that the builders cost far more than I anticipated, which means that I'm having to finish the work myself. Fortunately, some of my band members and local musicians have offered to help with some of the heavier work in exchange for studio time, and (subject to their availability) I should be able to get the soundproofing installed this summer. I am working towards a grand re-opening party in the Autumn and will be posting more info later in the year.  

Website Re-design
I am beginning to re-design so that the information our visitors are looking for is easier to find. If you have any ideas for items you'd like to see on this site, please email me or leave a suggestion in our new guestbook (our artist community and record store) will be entering pre-launch later this year. As soon as I announce the launch date, I hope you will all rush over and create your artist/collaborator accounts so that we can start creating some future releases together.

 Deep Angel. Photo by Beaudene Van Rhyn New Artists
Despite the studio being closed for so long, we have still been keeping an eye open for new mature talent. Our latest signing is a duo based in South Africa, called Deep Angel. They are currently busy writing new songs and putting together a live act to tour in their locality. Watch out for news of their debut single that we will be recording later in the year.

Other News...

We are still exploring options for greater exposure and distribution of our artist's music. On the Distribution front, we have decided to begin releasing compilations of our singles by various artists. These will be distributed by CDbaby to all major online stores. The first CD is currently being compiled and will include releases by John McKeon, Tony Dominguez, and many of our "Debut single" contracted artists. Our current free artists will be featured on this first release at no charge to them. Future releases will automatically include artists on our "Joint Risk" and "Partnership" deals. Artists on other deals will have the option of being included on future compilation CDs for a small fee. Visibility in the large online stores such as iTunes, MSN music, Napster, etc will serve to widen the exposure of our artists and gain extra sales for their releases.

YouTube is now a predominent force in the exposure and recognition of new artists. Several bands and performers have now been signed to major labels or have launched successful independent careers by utilising the power of video networking. We have recently been contacted by a company that specialises in gaining exposure for independent artists on YouTube and we are looking towards some kind of collaboration that will be mutually beneficial. We will have more news on this as talks continue.

Next in our quest for a wider distribution for our artists is a tool that aims to get your music played to billions of visitors to millions of websites around the World. Proprietor, Lynn Monk, asked herself "What is the point in trying to drive visitors to a handful of websites when you can be on any website and play to their visitors? With this thought in mind she designed a tool that has the potential to do just that! It has been on the drawing board for over a year waiting for a developer to offer to become a partner in the new business. <Play fanfare!> This month we finally had an offer from a development team based in El Salvador. The team have now begun work on the project and are aiming for beta tests to launch in May. We will have more news of this groundbreaking tool as the development progresses.

You Have Mail...

As you are reading this newsletter now, you will have already made the transition from our old manual mailing list onto our new autoresponder system. After a few teething problems with the original script, it has now been upgraded to a brand new version, and is now fully working. The benefit of an autoresponder system is that it will automatically handle subscriptions to an unlimited number of lists. This ensures that you only receive the information you want to receive from us. Prior to this, all our listeners, collaborators and artists received the same mailings. Now you can have the choice of receiving just the newsletters, or just the collaboration posts, or a combination of whatever may interest you.

We will have a number of lists to subscribe to. Forms to sign up to our various lists can be found on the relevant pages of our websites. All our lists are double-opt-in. This ensures that another person cannot sign you up without your consent. You need to click on the link in a follow-up email to confirm your subscription to each list. Every mailing you receive includes an unsubscribe link, like the one below, where you can manage your subscriptions or choose to receive no more mail from us at all. We value your privacy. Unlike some companies, our unsubscribe option is INSTANT. Also, if you are subscribed to more than one list, or inadvertently try to subscribe to the same list more than once, you will only receive a broadcast message once, as the system automatically filters identical email addresses.

These "new-look" newsletters are one of 2 new lists already set up. The other list is an update of our Music Career Package that has been extended into a 14 part eCourse that takes just over a month to complete. The course is filled with links to free software and helpful advice that explains in easy language how to embark on a career as an independent artist starting from scratch for a budget of under $200 (assuming you already own a PC). Contrary to popular belief, you don't need talent and a degree in music to make a living in the music business (although it helps!). This eCourse will show you how to do it with nothing more than the basic tools required and a bit of grit and determination.

The next list to be launched will be a collaborator list that will handle the session requests that will be broadcast directly to collaborators. The collaboration page will be re-designed so that you don't have to fill-in heaps of info in order to subscribe. You can even opt to receive just the session requests that are appropriate to your skills. E.g. It will be possible to send a request for a guitarist, for instance, only to guitar players, and not to drummers.

Well, that's all for this issue! Many thanks [[firstname]], for staying in touch with us. Don't forget, it's easy to contact me by email at any time if you need help or advice with your music.

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