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Hi [[firstname]].

Lynn Monk - Proprietor, Wobbly Music

I bet you'd almost forgotten me, it's been so long! It's only the second newsletter this year, in fact. Well at least one thing I can't be accused of is spamming people's inboxes every five minutes! Perhaps that is why you're still a subscriber ... but I hope it's also because you are looking forward to hearing about all the new stuff I'll be launching very soon.

I plan to launch the new community at around the same time as the studio re-opens. Although I don't have a firm

date organised just yet, I can at least tell you that it is looking to be ready for pre-launch some time in December. The reason for this slight delay is that having designed the site in Joomla v1.0, I've been urged to upgrade it to Joomla v1.5. This is due to the fact that support for the old version will not be available for much longer and one of the main components of the site (the record store and affiliate program) have released new versions that will not run on my old Joomla site.

Of course I want to make sure that I have the best and latest technology available to you with regard to promoting and selling your music, so I am about to hire a Joomla expert to convert the site for me. This is going to make a very large hole in my finances (already severely drained by the "credit crunch"), so if you know of anyone who is familiar with Joomla and would like to earn a few dollars for helping me out, I would love to keep the money within the Wobbly Community koffers (so to speak!). Please email me within the next week if you know of anyone who can help.

Bakehouse Studio. The continuing story...

The old Bakery before renovations

So now almost a year down the line, I am approaching the final

stages of the construction of my new studio. I have collated all the pictures to date so that you can see that things have actually been moving along ... albeit at a slow pace.

Rather than stuff your PC up with so many pictures in this newsletter, I have made an illustrated story of it online at
This will be of particular interest to anyone who has toyed with the idea of putting in some soundproofing.

New Artists

New Signings

Despite the studio being closed for so long, I have still been keeping an eye open for new mature talent. My latest signing is Robert Jude. Robert is based in the USA, and his debut single with us will be in the techno genre.

Robert is signed to our "Joint Risk" deal, so he will be first in the queue for a release once we have opened the new studio and website.

Robert will be closely followed by "Debut Single" releases from...
  1. Paul R Brook
  2. Joe Lefebre
  3. Neil Bennett
  4. Deep Angel

Mike Thomas will be the first artist to sign our new "Product Placement" deal when it is released later next year. Meanwhile, I'm sure he will be an active collaborator in our new online studios after the launch of

Intertwined with production of the singles, we will be doing some "Work for Hire" sessions that will be purchased with our new "Studio Time Vouchers". We will also be completeing John McKeon's second album, and starting work on the debut album from ICE.

Other News...

With all the building work and prep of SeniorSounds, I haven 't yet got any further with my plans for the release of our first compilation album. But rest assured, I will be taking this up again at a later date.

Following on from my last newsletter, I mentioned how artists are gaining exposure with videos on sites such as YouTube. You'll be pleased to know that our new community site at SeniorSounds will be one more outlet for your music and videos. Every member of the new site will have 30Mb of space to upload their own music, videos and files (VIP members will be able to request more space if necessary). Our artists will already have their releases available in the record store section of the site, so this space on your own page is just for stuff you'd like to give away to your fans.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to make their own videos. In view of this, I have installed cabling for a webcam in the new studio. In the future, I will be streaming live "house concerts" from the studio, and will also film some of the recording sessions as they take place.

I'm sure you're keen to know how that "new tool" for music promotion is getting along. Well, sadly, it isn't! Perhaps I was a bit premature in playing the fanfare, because that was the third set of developers that have ended up abandoning the project. I haven't heard from them since shortly after the last newsletter. At least, this time they got as far as designing the home page. It's a pity that it was completely the wrong kind of design! Oh well ... back to the drawing board! :o(

Well, that's all for this issue, except to let you in on a little secret prior to my formal announcement... and that is, if you have been considering making a recording at any point in the future, I will have a limited supply of studio or production time vouchers available for sale at up to 75% off the normal price of £20/$40 per hour to those who are quick off the mark. Starting at £5 ($10) per hour and rising to £10 ($20) per hour during the first 25 days of sale (or whilst stocks last), they will become available as soon as the studio opens, and can be used against recording/production/mastering time at any time in the future.

More details in the next issue!

Many thanks [[firstname]], for staying in touch with us. Don't forget, it's easy to contact me by email at any time if you need help or advice with your music.

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