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Welcome to Wobbly Music. The site of all things "Mature" in music

If you are a mature listener and music lover, you will be pleased to know that there ARE alternatives to what you hear on the radio. There ARE CDs available that you wont find in your local record shop. There ARE songwriters who still write like Gershwin or Lennon & McCartney. There ARE records that sound like they could be from the Beach Boys or Simon & Garfunkel. There ARE rock bands you've never heard of, whose music has been influenced by the likes of Cream or Frank Zappa. There ARE new artists who are still producing the "New Romantic" sounds of the 80's, or the "Disco" styles of the 70's.

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Wobbly Music is here to point YOU, the mature listener, towards new artists that you will like. Starting with our own signed artists, then to links to other great artists that we've found or have been recommended to.

Do YOU know of any new artists or bands that meet this criteria? If so, you will want to join our "New Music Revolution". Read more about it HERE. Then fill-in the form above to join our community and receive the latest news of our commitment to mature artists directly to your inbox.

On the other hand, if you are a mature artist or songwriter, there are a lot of things we could do for you and your music...

  • From helping you to write better songs ... to completing melodies or lyrics on songs that you ran out of inspiration for.
  • From finding suitable artists to help you achieve the sound you want ... to arranging and producing a musical style that will make the most of your unique talent.
  • From recording your demos ... to Mastering & releasing them on our own record label.
  • From advertising your talents on our website and mailouts ... to helping you find your niche market.
  • From creating your own unique website ... to selling your music in our digital music store and on many other outlets on the Internet.
  • From providing basic music industry advice ... to creating specific marketing campaigns, slogans, and step by step procedures to launch you on a new career as an independent artist.

In this day and age, you do not need a major record company to bring you success. You simply need enthusiasm, determination, lots of hard work, and perhaps a little talent! Your first step on the road to this success can start right here.

You, as a "mature" artist, will need someone who believes in you. Wobbly Music believes in you! There are plenty of opportunities open to talented kids, but so few opportunities are designed specifically to help YOU, the mature artist.

No-one is ever too old to begin a career in the music business. There are billions of people your age who want to buy records from artists they can relate to. Who better to fulfil that desire, than an artist of their own age, wisdom and experience!?

The largest percentage of the record-buying public is now over 45. The same people who made the music industry rich in the 70's are still buying the most records. Those people still like the same kinds of music as they did in the 70's!

The Industry will tell you to forget it. They will tell you that you're too old to be successful in music, or that your music is too old fashioned to sell in reasonable quantities.

Don't you believe it! All you need is encouragement and determination and you are already on the path to success. Even if you've never created or played music before, you can begin today with our help. We offer a FREE eCourse that is second to none. Packed with detailed instructions, tools, advice, and professional guidance towards a new career as an independent artist. Hey! We even throw in a recording contract!

Fill in the form on the left to start your new music career now!

I'm not saying that it will be easy. I'm not saying that you'll end up on MTV or have your records in the charts. No ... you can leave that to the kids ... whilst you sit comfortably earning a living at doing something you love to do!


"One of the best-kept secrets of the European independent music community, Wobbly Music occupies an interesting marketing niche that is consistently overlooked (and underrated). The major-label consortiums often relegate the "over 30" music consumer demographic to the hell that is 'classic rock' and all the other attendant schmaltz that goes with it. All the while denying artists who would be perfectly marketable (and highly salable) due to the dynamic resonance of consumer/artist identification that comes with this demographic. Label-founder and CEO Lynn Monk seems to have hit on a winning strategy that simultaneously bridges the gap between art and commerce, without losing control of the subtleties of either. As well, Wobbly Music offers an insanely beneficial music career package to struggling musicians of the 'DIY' inclination that is as superior a resource as has EVER been seen. For what it is, the notion that a package this high in content quality could still a charming, uber-simplicity is as soul-satisfying as a breakkie of bangers and mash after an aggro-filled pub crawl. Best you contact Lynn and Wobbly Music before they change their minds and slap even a few quid on it. It'd be worth every cent."

Mr. Sonja Davis - Umlaut B*ds (Canada)

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