Sh​​opping Mall

Music Licenses

The biggest part of my Shopping Mall is my music store. Eventually it will contain all the best quality music files available for all my releases. But that is not all!

This store is unique in that you can also purchase licenses for commercial use. The licenses are available for a single song for a specific use.  All available directly from the song details page with only the same number of clicks that it takes to purchase a download for personal use! Each Commercial license gives you a choice of downloading any filetype from MP3 to DVD Audio quality. Continuing with my policy of total transparency, the license prices are fixed and on display. Whether you need music for a YouTube video, or for the theme of a blockbuster movie, you can be sure that the prices will be the same for everyone. I wont charge you based on what I think you can afford like many other people in the music business do. Here, you can be assured that the prices are the same no matter who is paying.

If you want to know more about what the licenses allow you to do with our music, please see below. Otherwise, please browse the shops and products from the links above.