New Artist, Robert George Fox, Releases Début Single

Robert George Fox talks about his New Christmas Carol, “Be Brave My Little One”

I first wrote the melody as a jig in 2019, but soon realised that if I slowed it down, I could put some words to it. At it’s new tempo it sounded quite carol-like. So I wrote a Christmas carol about baby Jesus.

Late in 2021, I went to the Studio to lay down some ideas for the song as a possible future Christmas release. However, I felt that it was important to keep the original Jig element intact. As it was a different tempo, we recorded it as two separate parts to be expertly spliced together by my producer at the end.

At 5m:23s the full track is a little too long for radio, so an edit was also made without the jig.

The single is now available to download from Robert George Fox’s Shop – A day earlier than its official release date! Additional merch will be added in due course.

I​n addition to Robert on Main vocals and Acoustic Guitar, the single features some of the local musicians who he has been fortunate to work with on the Lancashire Gig Scene…

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