Love Songs and Laments (Digital Album)

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The whole album for Download in a choice of 3 file formats. The MP3 version is also available from all major online stores, but the CD Audio and DVD Audio versions are only available from here. So if you have a good quality sound system and appreciate hearing the nuances of the music as the artist intended, then you can’t get better than the full resolution sound of DVD Audio, made directly from the studio Master with no compression.

Track 1: Homeland is an ode to BlackSheepLad’s Suffolk roots and combines guitar, bass and keys with vocal harmonies.

Track 2: Another Love Song is a jaunty romantic tune driven by ukulele and Kev Farrell’s excellent guitar.

Track 3: Eger is a slower, more reflective take on a romantic trip away from reality with accordion and baritone ukulele playing off each other.

Track 4: Collateral is the first of the laments and the most rocky musically, with drums, guitars and bass combining in a reflection on difficult decisions and the impact they have.

Track 5: Seen and Not Heard is the darkest track on the album with a plaintive clarinet sound playing over a downbeat baritone ukulele.

Track 6: Fall from Grace picks up the tempo with a repeating guitar riff joining verses about learning from a change in status.

Track 7: Pantomime is a folk-rock waltz about the death of a relationship.

Track 8: What’s left is love lifts the mood with a theme of love conquering all circumstances.

Track 9: Away is an upbeat, ukulele -led song about escaping your circumstances and finding quality time together.

Track 10: The album ends with Do You Know? A beautiful little love song to round off a beautiful album.

For commercial license options, please purchase from the page of the individual song that you require.



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