Dig that Walkman out of your attic and enter a journey of nostalgia with this analogue rendering of the studio quality tracks from BlackSheepLad’s début album, “Love Songs and Laments”

Track 1: Homeland is an ode to BlackSheepLad’s Suffolk roots and combines guitar, bass and keys with vocal harmonies.

Track 2: Another Love Song is a jaunty romantic tune driven by ukulele and Kev Farrell’s excellent guitar.

Track 3: Eger is a slower, more reflective take on a romantic trip away from reality with accordion and baritone ukulele playing off each other.

Track 4: Collateral is the first of the laments and the most rocky musically, with drums, guitars and bass combining in a reflection on difficult decisions and the impact they have.

Track 5: Seen and Not Heard is the darkest track on the album with a plaintive clarinet sound playing over a downbeat baritone ukulele.

Track 6: Fall from Grace picks up the tempo with a repeating guitar riff joining verses about learning from a change in status.

Track 7: Pantomime is a folk-rock waltz about the death of a relationship.

Track 8: What’s left is love lifts the mood with a theme of love conquering all circumstances.

Track 9: Away is an upbeat, ukulele -led song about escaping your circumstances and finding quality time together.

Track 10: The album ends with Do You Know? A beautiful little love song to round off a beautiful album.


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  1. Wobbly Music

    An album full of catchy or quirky songs with a generous splattering of nostalgia. Notable tracks for me are the two singles, “Another Love Song”; and “Pantomime”, which has some of the cleverest lyrics on the album. Also the love song, “Do you Know” would make a great rock anthem in a differnt dimension … Perhaps one day.

    I guarantee that these melodies will be haunting you for weeks! You have been warned!

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