Blow the dust off your old CD player and enter a journey of classic rock nostalgia with this analogue rendering of the title track from the Dave Strider Band’s forthcoming album.

Initially released in 2019, this track features vocalists, Sean and Kattness; and guitarist “Dee” Lyons from an earlier line-up of the band. It made “Rock import of the month” on a top Rock station in Australia and had extensive airplay on many other radio stations Worldwide for more than a year.

50% of all proceeds will help to support various charities.

Hurry! This CD is only available whilst stocks last!

Listen to Lo-fi mono sample
Listen to the 320Kbps MP3 version on Spotify | Amazon

1 review for Scream Out Loud – Limited Edition CD Single

  1. Wobbly Music

    Written in the late 70’s after experiencing the horrors of wars in Angola and Ethiopia. This song is a great introduction to their forthcoming concept album and a good choice for Classic Rock fans. This track has energy and guitar riffs, solos and soaring vocals in the vein of Sabbath, AC/DC, Bon Jovi and Saxon, among others. Featuring Sean and Kattness on Vocals, Dave Strider and Dee on Guitars, Gresh on Bass and Lynn on Drums. Get ready for some serious head-banging!

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